This concerns You, if You Drink Water!

14030801_1238271729530970_1296959630_nThe World responds to It’s Water CRISIS! Our collective and current situation of having a limited supply of good, healthy clean water to drink and for human use is now more than ever before, is in a real danger, and needs our immediate attention and immediate action!




8 thoughts on “This concerns You, if You Drink Water!

    5 Septiembre 2016. El Mundo responde a su CRISIS de Agua! Nuestra situacion actual y colectiva de tener un abastecimiento limitado de agua buena y saludable para beber y el uso humano, ahora realmente esta en peligro y necesita nuestra atencion y actuacion inmediata!


  2. I absolutely love this site! The video under vision and plan gave me chill bumps! Water conects us all and is us all, and I truly believe that! I so appreciate being invited! I am outraged by the destruction of our beautiful earth and I totally agree that the house is on fire. May the creator bless you many times over for spreading the healing process, and teaching others how to put the fire out! Thank you!


    1. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for, brother.
      We care and share and pray, now off our knees meeting the Medicine half way, and on our feet and ponies


  3. Of course water is life, and there is no rightful authority to commodify life as water. May we awake soon from the false truth that WE have dominion over that which brings forth life.


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