About Us

We are You and You are Us, and we are all in this canoe together to gather in this exact space and time to be the Human & Spiritual Being you were meant and destined to be, right here, right now, in humanity’s history to rescue, reclaim and to restore honor and a healing to the One element, that has no enemy, and has No Color, and yet every color of the Rainbow! the very element that is, the very Source of Life for each and every one, every thing and every body, that is and is supposed to, inhabit Our Planet, this Star,.. this ship of life we call our mother, this Earth. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the norm, sick and tired of the Status Quo that no longer includes Us, sick and tired of the uncertainty of Our tomorrow’s for Our Children’s children’s grandchildren, all because of madness and greed,and just sick and tired of…the System.

The prophecies are being fulfilled, the Eagle is Soaring with Condor and is the beginning of the Meek inheriting this planet Earth, by the Indigenous Peoples The Indigenous Peoples that have kept ceremony and it’s medicinal values and healing ways healthy and in a good way, alive. As well as those Indigenous to war and death, those Indigenous to famine and starvation, or Indigenous to homelessness, Indigenous to being disenfranchised , marginalized, victimized, and rationalized.

This is the time where the world got small and the people grew tall, and stood in honor, service and sacrifice for Our Source of Life, and create a live human Necklace around Our Mother, this Earth, to reclaim our Water, our life’s, Lives and this planet.


One thought on “About Us

  1. I rise from kneeling to share in the Human Necklace, to do my part in holding the Circle so that all good energy may enter within and share. We are One. My cousin Robert, thank you so much for helping bring this into being. May Spirit walk within you.


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