Human Necklace

4 water
Human Necklace is a holy hoop or sacred circle of Human and spiritual beings, collectively gathered with a single intention of A Healing, using Our presence and being to manifest through collective effort, intention, sacrifice and prayer. Monday 05 September 2016 Water is calling on all Humans to stand in solidarity and unify as One Tribe, send send One Vibe to Our Heavenly Creator Maker and Giver of All Life and Live’s, to have pity once again, and restore our water to a place of well being, safety and fresh, healthy sustainable abundance, for all that use its energies for life.
The morning of 05 September, humans will have already established prayer solidarity water lines connecting other continents with one another. the Saline water, oceans are the conduit between others. we will connect with the Heart of Turtle Island, and support Standing Rock, in turn supporting the rest of the world with the lines from the heart radiating back out to your part of the world connecting us in a human Necklace, to hold together for the 4 sacred nights and days.